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Gestalt Therapy Online

Christina Winkler

Welcome! Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious, and unable to live up to your potential? Are you struggling to find clarity and make sense of your life? You know that change is needed, but you don’t know what. I’m here to guide you in a process of transformation and growth so that you can achieve true satisfaction and inner peace.

My quest to help people lead better, more fulfilling lives led me to the study of Gestalt Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. What excited me about these disciplines is how they focus on the whole human personality, and on changing how you function in your immediate environment. I have been privileged to help people from diverse walks of life to stop feeling trapped and explore life with confidence and enthusiasm.

As a German who has lived in France for many decades, I take a special interest in expatriate issues. Adapting to an unfamiliar cultural environment is often distressing and brings to the surface hidden tensions and insecurities. I can help you deal with these issues and find ways to adapt while developing your core personality.

Making fundamental change in your life takes work, but the benefits are priceless. You can escape feelings of anxiety and depression, find balance, and fulfill your true potential. I offer therapy online and in Toulouse. Reach out and take the first step today.

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